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About Indian Potash Limited

The history of Indian Potash Limited (IPL) is indeed the history of Potash acceptance in India. The saga began in 1955 when the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, brought together all the leading players in the fertilizer industry under one banner and formed Indian Potash Supply Agency (IPSA) which became the sole entrusted Agency for import, handling, promotion and marketing of Potash in the entire country. Half a century is a long period in the life of any business identity endearing change, evolution and adaptability. But for IPL what has not changed since 1955 is its unwavering, unrelenting and unflinching ‘Focus on Farmers’.

The evolution of Indian Potash Limited (IPL)

The evolution of Indian Potash Limited (IPL) started sometime before the seeds of ‘Green Revolution’ were sown in the bed of Indian Agriculture. During 1955, a Joint Stock Company by the name of Indian Potash Supply Agency (IPSA) was set up by the then Ministry of Commerce and Industry consisting of all the leading importers of fertilizers as its shareholders. IPSA, thus, became the sole entrusted Agency for import-handling, promotion and marketing of Potash in the entire country. IPSA’s work on Potash promotion was recognized by farmers across the nation, and was well appreciated by the Sivaraman Committee on Fertilizers as well as the National Commission on Agriculture.

Thereafter, to come up to the expected challenges as a result of introduction of HYV seeds, it was decided to strengthen IPSA by broadening its capital base. In 1970, IPSA was converted into Indian Potash Limited (IPL) and its membership base was expanded to include Cooperative Sector Institutions and Public Sector Companies.

The success of IPL in its earlier form as IPSA and now, can be gauged from the tremendous increase in Potash consumption achieved over the years.