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Tips & Techniques for Demo Plots on Fertilizer use in India

With 1400 demonstration plots across nine states of India, the fertilizer initiative Potash for Life knows a thing or two about how to set up a successful demonstration plot. In this film agronomists and host farmers share their tips and techniques to choose the site, work with host farmers and run an example of what […]

The Power of Potash

What farmer would not want an increase in yield? Yield boosts of at least 10-15% and sometimes much more are happening in India by carefully giving the correct nutrition or fertilizer the crops need. Reporting from India, Dr Surinder Bansal, agronomists, scientists, farm advisors and farmers explain the power potash has to improve plant growth […]

Using the Power of Digital Technology

Over two hundred dedicated agronomists are working across nine states of India to share the Potash for Life message that precise crop nutrition with potash fertilizer brings great rewards. Uniformed in their bright yellow shirts, they cover a lot of ground in India. But the distances between them are vast. This is where a little […]

Sharing Fertilizer News & Evidence at Farmer Meetings

With important news and evidence to share with farmers you have to be smart about how you show it. Holding farmer meetings can help. In our work across nine states of India, with the Potash for Life initiative, our advisors and agronomists hold hundreds of farmer meetings a year. From an informal gathering by a […]

Our Work in India

This is the story of the methods and impact of the Indian Potash Limited-supported initiative in nine states of India to encourage balanced fertilizer use by farmers. The initiative is called Potash for Life as potash fertilizer does indeed breathe life into livelihoods through improvements in crop performance. Crop yields and farm incomes are closely […]

Potash for Life in India at a Glance

We want to share with you this taste of the work we do in India to explain how the use of potash fertilizer boosts crop yields. Watch this selection of film clips accompanied by the beautiful singing of Potash for Life agronomist Himanshu Hariharno who works in the state of Chhattisgarh. From the Field Sohan […]

Potash improves crop yield, quality, plant protection and farm income

This short film in Hindi tells the story of a farmer who is not getting proper yields from his crops despite taking care of them. A friend advises him to adopt balanced fertilization, making sure he is supplying sufficient potassium (K). This should ensure he sees the benefits of potash on crop yield, crop quality, […]

Potash for Life – advertisement in Bengali for West Bengal

Potassium is an essential nutrient for plants, and it promotes growth and increases yields. Potash regulates plant metabolism ensuring a healthy and sturdy crop which is more resistant to stresses. Potash increases the use of other nutrients in the plant, thus increasing the efficiency of applied urea and DAP. Potash fertilization increases root growth, drought […]