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Tips & Techniques for Demo Plots on Fertilizer Use in India

The next film to be added to the Potash for Life film collection is the one that demonstrates why and how we run potash fertilizer demonstration plots for farmers. With 1400 demonstration plots across nine states of India, at Potash for Life we have a lot of expertise on how to set up a successful […]

Sharing the Power of Potash with Farmers

Our next two Potash for Life films on our channel on YouTube show how we work, with examples from four of the nine states of India that we cover. Farmer meetings Our advisors and agronomists hold hundreds of farmer meetings a year. In our film Sharing Fertilizer News and Evidence at Farmer Meetings you can join […]

Potash for Life Story in Films

Watching short films online is increasingly popular and very influential. We are delighted that farmers and their advisors in India and elsewhere in the world now have the Potash for Life story at their fingertips in the first of our new potash films on our channel on YouTube. Fast track way to understand potash fertilizer […]

Filming Potash for Life at Work

Camera, potash – action! Almost three years into our work, we wanted to capture on film how and where we are working in the Potash for Life initiative in India – and the results for farmers. Film crew at work UK-based Green Shoots Productions film makers Susie Emmett and Patrick Harvey joined the Potash for […]

Field day at Balha Madhusoodan Sitamarhi

Over one hundred and twenty farmers attended the recent field day held in the village of Balha Madhusoodan in Sitamarhi, Bihar on 19th April 2015. The event was organised by Potash for Life agronomist Vishnu Kumar Yadav.

Rural Potash Campaign

April 10th 2015 saw a rural potash campaign led by Potash for Life Agronomist Vijendra Singh. The events focussed on potash and took place in Harda, Hoshangabad in Madhya Pradesh. During the day it is estimated that approximately 1,350 farmers were contacted.

Rural Horticulture Work Experience Training Program at Hussainpura village Mysore District

On 23rd February 2015 we participated in the Rural Horticulture Work Experience Training Program. During the program Dr. A.B. Patil Director of extension at the University of Horticulture Science, Bagalkot briefed the farmer audience on the importance of systematic cultivation. During the program, the importance of NPK fertilizer and the role of Potash to the […]

New campaign in Bihar to promote the use of Potash

We will be conducting a Potash campaign in the Madhubani district, in Bihar state, from 4th December 2014 to 10th December 2014 to help raise awareness of farmers to the benefits of balanced fertilizer use, and the role of Potash in growing Rabi crops. The campaign also took the opportunity to meet with and dealers […]

Potash for life short film on the benefits of potash to crops and farms

This short film in Hindi tells the story of a farmer who is not getting proper yields from his crops despite taking care of them. A friend advises him to adopt balanced fertilization, making sure he is supplying sufficient potassium (K). This should ensure he sees the benefits of potash on crop yield, crop quality, […]

Potash for Life TV advert for West Bengal

Potassium is an essential nutrient for plants, and it promotes growth and increases yields. Potash regulates plant metabolism ensuring a healthy and sturdy crop which is more resistant to stresses. Potash increases the use of other nutrients in the plant, thus increasing the efficiency of applied urea and DAP. Potash fertilization increases root growth, drought […]