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Nutrition and Health – the Importance of Potassium (in Hindi)

Minerals are inorganic substances, present in all body tissues and fluids. Their presence is required to maintain certain physical and chemical processes which are essential to life. For humans, potassium (K) is an essential macro mineral nutrient, and its importance to human health has been well recognized, with new studies continuing to emphasize its positive […]

Potassium – a Nutrient Essential for Life (in Hindi)

Potassium is one of the key elements for life on earth. It is required in large quantities by all plants and animals and is obtained by plants from the soil in which they grow. Animals obtain their potassium from plants, either directly or by eating other animals (and animal products) which have fed on plants. […]

Potassium – the Quality Element in Crop Production (in Hindi)

Potassium (K), along with nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P), is an essential plant macronutrient that is taken up by crops from soils in relatively large amounts. Potassium increases both the yield and quality of agricultural produce, and enhances the ability of plants to resist diseases, insect attacks, cold and drought stresses and other adverse conditions. […]

Deficiency Poster for Andhra Pradesh

Potash 4 Life has produced this poster to illustrate potash deficiency symptoms. The poster is in Telugu and was produced for use in Andhra Pradesh.