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Potash for Life brochure

Potash for Life

Following the introduction of NBS from April 2010 and subsequent increases in the potash prices in the international market and its cascading effect in the domestic market, the consumption of potash has drastically reduced in India during the last three years.

The NPK ratio from almost 4.3:2.1:1 has distorted to 9.0:3.6:1 and potash use has decreased from 17 kg to 9 kg/ha during the last three years. This is certainly going to adversely affect crop productivity, soil health and farm profitability in the long run.

Hence, to respond to this negative development, and to assist farmers in further development of profitable agriculture, IPL in collaboration with ICL Fertilizers has launched a new project entitled Potash for Life.

This short brochure introduces the Potash for Life project.