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Potassium – a Nutrient Essential for Life (in Hindi)

Potassium is one of the key elements for life on earth. It is required in large quantities by all plants and animals and is obtained by plants from the soil in which they grow. Animals obtain their potassium from plants, either directly or by eating other animals (and animal products) which have fed on plants.

This IPI (International Potash Institute) booklet (in Hindi) summarizes the main issues related to potash fertilizers, with following topics discussed:

  • How much potassium is needed by humans?
  • How much potassium is needed by plants?
  • Potassium deficiency and its symptoms
  • Potassium in the soil
  • Potassium production and reserves
  • Potassium and the environment
  • Potash fertilizers

The booklet also contains a large newly drawn schematics on “Potassium in Soil and Plant Systems” and a few color pictures.

You can download or order the publication from the IPI website.