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Potash 4 Life - Demonstration plots

Demonstration plots

P4L established nearly 600 demonstration plots across nine states in different crops to give farmers practical training on good fertilizer practices and proper use of potash. Seeing a noticeable difference between the plots with and without potash, farmers are now convinced that potash use will greatly increase their yields and incomes.

Potash 4 Life activites - Field days

Field days

During P4L field days, farmers come together to discuss the details of the demonstration plots and learn from each other in a spirit of openness and curiosity. Farmers share their knowledge, discoveries, mistakes and successes.

Potash 4 Life activities - Crop seminars

Crop seminars and farmers’ meetings

During P4L crop seminars, farmers are exposed to structured presentations by local experts and scientists on balanced fertilization practices and the impacts of using potash. The purpose is to learn and share good fertilizer practices and take them back to the farm.

Potash 4 Life activities - Potash campaigns

Potash campaigns

During the cropping seasons, P4L agronomists use Jeeps to visit farmers in their fields for informal discussions.

Potash 4 Life activities - Agri fairs

Agri fairs

P4L participates in local ‘agri fairs’ (kisan mela) with dedicated stalls providing brochures and information on efficient use of fertilizers.

Potash 4 Life activities - Wall Painting

Wall paintings

P4L has undertaken the hand-painting of walls in villages and dealers’ shops, featuring clear and prominent messages on the benefits of potash to the farming community.

Potash 4 Life activites - hoardings


P4L places outdoor hoardings and billboards in prominent locations in villages and roads, in order to reach a wide audience.

Other activities

Other activities include Radio publicity, TV publicity, Brochures, Puppet shows, Digital media and use of SMS.