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Success Stories

Increase in Maize yield of 41.4%

An increase in Maize yield of 41.4% demonstrated to Siddaswami that using potash is beneficial for the maize crop and also profitable, resulting in a yield increase of over 1,000 kg/ha on the farm in Harale, Chamrajanagar, Karnataka.

Maharashtra MOP onion - Success story

Onion yield increase of 9.9%

Khanderao Patil Khalkar observed that potash application resulted in an improvement in the crop quality on his farm in Bagalwadi (Nashik, Maharashtra). The onion size increased, and resistance to frost, diseases and pests improved due to the use of potash – and there was a 9.9% increase in yield.

Mohd Yousaf Bhat experienced a 34.9% yield increase with Potash 4 Life recommendations

Cauliflower crop increase in yield of 34.9%

Farmer Mohd Yousaf Bhat experienced an increase in yield of 34.9% following the adoption of Potash for Life’s recommended fertilizer practice. This resulted in an increase in net profit of over 162 thousand Rs/ha for his farm in Boogam (Budgam, Jammu & Kashmir).