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Why Potash for Life?

As a result of the introduction of the nutrient-based subsidy in April 2010 and the subsequent increase in potash prices in the international market (and its cascading effect in the domestic market), potash consumption has drastically reduced in India during the last three years. The NPK (nitrogen : phosphorus : potassium) ratio, which was previously around 4.3:2.1:0, has distorted to 9:3.6:1 and potash use has decreased from 17 kg K2O/ha to 9 kg K2O/ha during this period. The decrease in potash will, in the long run, adversely affect crop productivity, soil health and farm profitability.

To respond to recent negative developments in potash use in India and to support farmers in the development of profitable agriculture, Indian Potash Limited (IPL), in collaboration with ICL Fertilizers, has launched Potash for Life (P4L). This three year project, which will run from late 2013 to early 2017, will provide farmers with science-based evidence of the profitable use of potash, using advanced, best proven extension methods. The project will help to raise awareness among farmers about the benefits of balanced fertilizer use and, in particular, the profitability of optimal potash use.